Cemetery 3

For over 140 years Wyuka Cemetery has played an integral part of the lives Nebraskans.  During that time its grounds have been host to family gatherings of all kinds.  To this day, our visitors tell us stories of their visits to Wyuka for celebrating birthdays and family reunions and celebrating the lives of their loved ones in death.

Wyuka is a Lakota Indian word meaning “to rest” and upon entering the grounds many tell us a “feeling of calm” comes over them.  You are invited to tour the 140-plus rolling acres of trees, shrubs and flower gardens that make Wyuka Cemetery one of the most quietly beautiful places in our state.

Researching your genealogy? We can help!

On our cemetery website, you are able to look up names that include basic information.  We will be happy to research interred names for you at Wyuka and Fairview.  However, we will need payment for this before we can send the information.  There are two ways for you to accomplish this: 1) Send a check made out to Wyuka Cemetery with the word genealogy in the memo, or 2) call us at 402-474-3600 and we can take a credit card number. Please fill out a request form with your name, address, and relationship to the name of the person(s) you are requesting information.  Once the Genealogy Form is completed and the appropriate fees are paid, the information will be obtained for you.  Please allow 10 working days to record the information. (Longer during the holiday seasons) You can pick up this information at Wyuka unless stated otherwise.

Name search with burial lot location with map (Two max per year)                               No Charge
Each additional name search with burial lot location info  (3+)                                      $ 2.00 each
Name search with burial lot location with photocopy or mailed:                                     $ 5.00 each
Name search with lot location/map mailed                                                                            $ 5.00 each
Name search with lot location/map/w/photocopies mailed                                             $10.00 each
Name search with cause of death (if available) record emailed:                                       $ 5.00 each
$10.00 each Mailed
You may also be interested in our Historical Self-Guided Tour
book that includes historical information on Wyuka.                                                         $ 5.00 each
Historical Self-Guided book mailed                                                                                          $ 8.00 each
Another good source for information is the Nebraska Historical Society located at 15 & R St. in Lincoln, NE.

Download Genealogical Request Form Here