Plan Ahead Checklist

Checklist for Pre-Planning

For many, even the thought of pre-planning can be emotional and overwhelming. Remember, the people who know and care about you will be there when you need them. You only need to provide them with instructions, important financial details, and then relax. You’re in good hands. Keep in mind that pre-planning is about much more than just creating a plan – it’s about doing the right thing for both yourself and your family.

Plan Ahead Checklist

Laying the foundation for a well thought out plan for you and your loved one takes a bit of time, but, it’s worth every moment spent. After all, you’re setting the stage for a more relaxed and enjoyable life, because you’ll have the peace-of-mind preparedness brings.
Here’s what to do to get started:

  • Prepare a contact list of individuals who should be notified in a medical emergency or death
  • Write an obituary or simply jot down information you would like included in an obituary
  • Decide where obituary and memorial information should appear
  • Prepare the contact details for the funeral home you designate to care for you

Chose the type of service you would like including the burial you prefer and make those arrangements. You will need to decide on:

  • Cemetery lot locations
  • Casket type or cremation urn type
  • Vault or sectional crypt
  • Type of service: Religious, Military, Non-denominational or fraternal
  • Pallbearers, music, flowers, scripture or other readings
  • Charity to receive donations in lieu of flowers, if donations are preferred
  • Speakers and the eulogies that you would want to represent you
  • What organizations or church will benefit from memorial donations in your name