May 13, 2014

Delores J. Rosenthal

RosenthalDelores (Meyers) Rosenthal, 88, Lincoln, formerly of Hickman & Greenwood, NE, died in the early hours of Monday, May 12th, 2014.

Born in 1926 to parents John and Edna (Raasch) Meyers, she spent her childhood years facing the challenges of the Great Depression and the dust bowl.  She graduated from high school just as the United States entered into WWII.   Despite spending her formative years in some of the country’s most trying times, Delores emerged as a tough and vibrant person.  Growing up without many material comforts, she developed a life long love of telling tales and sharing conversations with friends and near strangers alike.   There was little in this world that she enjoyed more than a cup of coffee and a good friend with which to share a lively talk.  If you ever went looking for Delores, there was always a n excellent chance of  finding her at a neighbor’s kitchen table or at Biggs Burger Barn, coffee in hand; telling a joke, sharing a story or simply chatting away.  She told tales of stealing outhouses with her beloved brother, Max; grasshoppers eating the curtains; lemonade in the root celler with her Aunt Marguarite, living in New York City during the 50’s and the list goes on.   After adopting her two children, Bob and Janet, the stories usually started with the phrase, “You know what my d#*n kid did today?”  Later the tales of grandchildren, told with pride, dominated her conversations.  Delores was quick witted with a comeback for everything and a saying to fit every situation.  Never one to shy away from sharing her opinion (or a carefully placed cuss word,) she managed to pull this off with a (mostly) entertaining skill few possess.  While quick to point out what she found lacking, she was much more swift to tell friends and family how proud she was of them, and how much they where loved.

She was hard working, but always managed to make a person feel like there was time for the important stuff.  Her childhood installed in her a strong sense of frugality that never went way.  Delores had little place in her world for non-practical things, and she was a great tosser of stuff.  Yet, she never made those around her feel like they had to go without.  Her generosity of spirit always made you feel that life was bountiful with things that money could not buy.

Delores was a great mother and a great friend.  She had an amazing talent of combining the two roles and, when needed, often mothered her friends and friended her children.  Every person who had Delores in her life, has a story to tell about her.   Yet all agree that she is difficult one to describe.  She was tough, spunky, ornery, funny, out-spoken, stubborn, colorful, a greater lover of sweets and books and full of life up to the very end.  All this was wrapped around a soft and warm, loving core that she only revealed to those she held dear.  Delores was a force to be reckon with, a one of a kind great dame.   There will never be another like her, and she will be missed.  She leaves us all with a life time of stories to treasure and share.

Delores was proceeded in death by her parents, John and Edna Meyers; her beloved brother Max Meyers and his wife, Jean; her husband LeRoy Rosenthal; her brother-in-law (and verbal sparring partner,) Donald Dorenbach, and numerous friends and family members.

She is survived by son, Bob Rosenthal and his wife, Jamie, grandchildren Abigail and Raiden; daughter, Janet Froschheiser and her husband John, granddaugher Lydia; close family friend Deb Burkey and her husband Mark and son Taylor (George;) sister-in-law, Elenore Dorenbach; nephew Steve Meyers and many friends who remember her fondly.

Funeral service is to be held at the Wyuka Funeral Home, 3600 “O” Street, Lincoln, NE at 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 15th, 2014.   The service and interment will be followed by a reception, also held at the Wyuka Funeral Home.  In honor of Delores’ sweet tooth, many desserts will be served.  Memorials to the family.


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