December 5, 2022

How Can Art Therapy Help You Heal After a Loss?

Losing a loved one is never easy, and there’s no right or wrong way to cope with it. For some people, the best way to process grief is through art therapy. It allows them to express their sadness in healthy and creative ways, whether through painting, drawing, or making sculptures.

If you’ve been struggling with heavy emotions and need to find an outlet for them, you can see if art therapy will work for you. Even those who don’t see themselves as artistic can benefit from it. Here are all the ways art therapy can help you heal from loss.


It Provides a Safe Space for Self-Expression

Art therapy isn’t about becoming a great artist or impressing anyone. Your artwork won’t be critiqued by a panel of judges afterward. Art therapy is a safe space where you can let your thoughts and feelings flow freely. It doesn’t require any level of artistic skill and is open to everyone. 


It Helps You Release Your Emotions

The death of a loved one can bring about complex emotions that we may not know how to verbalize. Children, in particular, find it hard to identify and express emotions like grief, worry, and guilt. Bottling up strong emotions isn’t healthy for anyone, young or old. Through art therapy, you can release the sadness and pain you’ve been holding onto without having to say a single word. 


It Can Give You a Break From Your Grief

While art therapy helps you face your grief and express it, it also gives you a break from the heaviness of your loss. It’s not healthy to keep ruminating about what happened in the past. Creating art can help anchor you in the present moment, put your mind at ease, and relieve stress. It keeps your hands busy and gives you something to focus on other than your grief. 


It Can Help Reduce Trauma Symptoms

Death can be a very traumatic experience for surviving relatives. Studies show that creating art can lower levels of depression and encourage the production of dopamine, also known as the feel-good hormone. Humans are innately creative, so making art can help us feel happiness and pleasure amidst sorrow and help us overcome trauma. 


It Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

It can be hard to perform day-to-day activities when we’re in the middle of the grieving process. And when we can’t do these ‘simple’ tasks, it can lead to a feeling of failure. Art therapy can help you regain a sense of accomplishment while creating something with your hands. It can also help you rebuild your self-worth and self-esteem. 


It Gives You a Chance to Recognize Your Strength

Dealing with loss can make us feel weak and vulnerable. But art therapy encourages you to examine yourself closely and recognize your inner strength. Rather than seeing the situation negatively, art therapy can help you see loss as something that has shaped you into a stronger person. 


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There’s something about creating art and expressing ourselves that can help us deal with loss. However, grief is different for everyone, and art therapy may or may not be for you. Don’t be discouraged if you find that it isn’t. There are various ways to heal, and it’s all about finding what works for you. For more information, contact Wyuka Cemetery at (402)-474-3600.


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