May 4, 2023

How Funeral Planning Can Help Prepare You Mentally

Thinking and talking about death is never easy. Pre-planning your funeral may even seem impossible. But, considering the immense impact that your passing will have on your loved ones, planning for that day can significantly ease some of their stress.

Funeral planning is also a practical way to help you mentally prepare for the inevitable. Furthermore, knowing you can have your last wishes carried out will give you peace of mind.

Other ways that funeral planning will help prepare you mentally and emotionally include the following:

Funeral Planning Places the Day’s Schedule in Your Hands

While funeral planning is mostly about paying the funeral home and other expenses upfront, it will also help you decide how you want the day to go. You can choose the venue, the music, and even the flowers that form part of the ceremony.

Deciding what will happen during your funeral will help calm turbulent emotions. It may even help you see the planning process as a practical decision that allows your family to move on without unnecessary stress after you pass away.

Even if you aren’t there to see your family thrive, you now have the certainty that you’ve made the grieving process and moving on that much easier for them.

Planning Your Funeral Takes the Financial Burden Away From Your Family

Funerals are expensive. You can remove the financial burden from your family’s shoulders by planning and paying upfront for your funeral.

Even if you can’t pay for everything in advance, you can save some money each month or invest in a funeral plan to cover the rest of the expenses.

Knowing you’ve spared your family financial troubles will further soothe unsettled emotions. It will also help you focus on what you can do to make the day easier on them instead of ruminating about your impending death.

Funeral Planning Helps Prevent Conflict

After you pass away, your family’s emotional state will likely get the better of them. It is in these situations that conflict arises. Your children may fight with your spouse about whether you prefer a traditional burial or a cremation service. Your siblings may argue about who is to help carry the casket.

You can help your family sidestep conflict if you make the decision yourself. If you prefer cremation, tell them so. If you want a burial, note it in your funeral plan. Doing this will also provide you with contentment, knowing your family can grieve without fighting about the funeral.

Planning Your Funeral Allows You To Create Your Obituary

Writing your obituary probably sounds like a strange and morbid idea. But it is one of the best ways to gain mental peace about your eventual passing and funeral. It is also the perfect way for your family and friends to remember you.

In your obituary, you can mention your loved ones and the beautiful life you lived with them by your side. It also means that while your family pays tribute to you, you can return the favor.

Your death will be hard to deal with. Leave something behind to make your loved ones smile when they think of you.

The Bottom Line

It’s never easy to discuss death with your family. However, it is also inescapable. Rest easier at night knowing you have done what you can to help your family when the time comes.

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