November 7, 2021

Planning a Celebration of Life

How to plan a celebration of life.

Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience that we all hate going through. Most people would be heartbroken to see their family grieve over them when they pass away. Opting for a celebration of life can often ease the pain of grieving and help to make saying goodbye the beginning of a healing experience. 

One of the main purposes of a funeral is to lay the individual in their final resting place. This provides honor and dignity to the memory of the individual. Many funeral rituals are based on religious beliefs and are intended to help the soul reach the afterlife.

A celebration of life’s events are based around that person’s personality and life. This is more concerned with remembering the deceased and telling their story. It’s a very beautiful and uplifting experience where tears and laughter are equally welcome. 

A celebration of life is more like a social gathering or meaningful celebration, with the purpose being to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased in a more uplifting atmosphere. Oftentime, these events take place weeks to months after the burial/ cremation process; you can choose more traditional funeral locations to hold the event (funeral home, church) or in a place that holds special meaning, such as an orchard or family farm.


The Essentials:

As the name states, this event is meant to celebrate the life of your loved one. There are certain elements that can make this event more memorable. Just like traditional funerals, you can include a funeral celebrant, a meaningful location, favorite music, favorite food, etc. 

Depending on the person and their family, celebrations of life can be modest or elaborate. Some can be more formal than others, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Remember that this event is to celebrate as well as begin the grieving process. The healing and grieving process is different for everyone, an event that is more uplifting can affect that process in a positive way.


The Location:

Funeral homes have areas where you can host your events. But if you want the event to be more special, you can choose their favorite place they held dear or visited often. Some people choose to have their celebrations in parks, family homes, favorite restaurants, etc. Pick somewhere that you feel will be meaningful to you and your guests. 


The Atmosphere:

The whole celebration will be dependent on the theme you choose. The theme, decorations, guest attire, location, and feeling will all be affected by the celebration’s theme. The theme can be a favorite color, season, hobby, or can even be based on their personality. Your imagination plays an important role in this part. 


The Plan

Here’s a short checklist to help you plan out your event.

  • Guestlist – Think of anyone that would’ve known the departed.
  • Send Invitations – Do this as soon as possible after the date, time, and location are finalized.
  • Pick The Venue – Whether it’s a family home, funeral home, or public place, this should be one of the first things to be determined.
  • Theme – Base this off of your loved one. There are many possibilities with this. Try to think of something they loved or were passionate about.
  • Decor – Use the theme to plan out what your decor will look like.
  • Music – You can have anything from a friendly playlist to live music.
  • Who Will Speak – Talk with relatives and friends to plan out if there will be speakers.
  • Food/Beverage – Depending on your preferences you can have catering, homemade, or small snacks.
  • Mementos – Consider giving guests something they can keep as a memory of your loved one.

You can absolutely add or subtract items from this list. This is just to simply give you an idea of what you can include and plan in your celebration of life. Personalize this as much as possible to your liking.


Let us assist you with these special occasions.

We have years of experience in guiding families with their efforts to tribute their beloved family members. We will help you to decide whether you should plan a funeral or a celebration of life. As professionals, we help families in these difficult times to remember the lives of their loved ones. Let us help you and your family. Call Wyuka Funeral Home and Cemetery at 402-474-3600 to speak with our staff.


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