March 3, 2023

Popular Grave Tending Services

Many bereaved families choose to bury their dead in a grave. That way, there’s a physical place they can visit whenever they want to pay their respects. But if you’re planning to buy a grave, know that it’s also your responsibility to maintain it and keep it looking pristine for your loved one. Fortunately, there are various grave tending services available to help with this.

To help you, here are the most common grave tending services you can consider for your loved ones. It’s best to consult with your chosen cemetery regarding their regulations on grave maintenance.

Gravestone Cleaning

A gravestone provides a way for you to keep the memory of your loved ones alive. Gravestones bear the names of those who have passed, along with their birthdate, death date, and an epitaph. Keeping your loved one’s gravestone clean is one way of honoring them. It’s best to hire a grave cleaning service yearly to prevent grime buildup, decay, or tarnish.

Different gravestone materials require specific cleaning equipment and cleaning methods. Ask your monumental mason what your chosen gravestone material is so you can relay this pertinent information to your cleaning provider. While you can do the cleaning yourself, avoid household products with bleach, as they can do more harm than good to the gravestone.

While many like clean gravestones, some let them age naturally as they find the weathered look more aesthetically pleasing. It’s all about personal preference.

Gravestone Maintenance

Aside from cleaning the gravestone, the bereaved family must maintain its structure. If it’s falling apart, get a memorial mason to repair it within the cemetery’s working hours.

Cemeteries regularly inspect monuments and gravestones to check if they’re stable and will update families if they see any safety issues. They may have to lay tablets and stones flat if there’s a risk of them toppling over and hurting others.

If the text on your loved one’s gravestone needs a touchup, you can get the help of a repainting or regilding service.

Planting and Landscaping

Most cemeteries will take care of the general landscaping of the whole property. But you can add embellishments like flowers, shrubs, and gravel chippings to beautify your loved one’s grave. However, be sure to check with your chosen cemetery first before you plant anything.

If you get permission to add plants to the grave, you must maintain the greenery and ensure they don’t become disorderly. In addition, they must be within the grave’s borders. The cemetery owner can choose to eliminate overgrown plants or ones that overstep boundaries. You can get a professional grave landscaper to help with this.

If you’re not allowed to add flowers or plants, you can still do things to make your loved one’s grave look neat and presentable. You can pull weeds and trim the grass in the area by hand.

Deep Cleaning

If your loved one’s grave hasn’t gotten any attention in a long time, a deep cleaning service can help spruce it up. These packages usually include pruning and weeding, gravestone cleaning, and removing debris and litter. You can also request special services to address more severe concerns like heavy staining or decaying.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your loved one’s grave isn’t just for their honor. It also shows respect for others in the cemetery. Always abide by the cemetery’s rules and consult the owner before you make any modifications. For more information, contact Wyuka Cemetery at (402)-474-3600.


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