May 7, 2020

Spring Brings New Swan To Wyuka

At Wyuka, we pride ourselves on creating a peaceful and comforting place to visit.  With its rolling hills, shady trees, sparkling pond, and spectacular plantings, Wyuka Cemetery is considered one of the most magnificent examples of landscape architecture and design in Nebraska. Along with this, we also have some fun wildlife. This includes our newest addition, a baby female swan (cygnet). In April, we purchased a new swan for the grounds. She has acclimated well to living at Wyuka cemetery.

Whether you come to walk our historical tour or relax by the pond, visitors are welcome to stop by Wyuka anytime between 8 am – Dusk. We, and especially our wildlife, love when visitors come with food for them.  

Wyuka, established in 1869, is Lincoln’s first public park. We were established by an act of the Nebraska Legislature to provide a “Lincoln State Cemetery.” Wyuka has now been serving our community for over 140 years. We were patterned after Mount Auburn Cemetery near Boston, MA, which innovated a new type of cemetery in 1831. It is focused on creating a large, scenic, and park-like cemetery, with curving roads and lots of plants. 

People are welcome to regularly visit the grounds, whether it’s for their daily runs or have a picnic. You are invited to tour the 140-plus rolling acres of trees, shrubs and flower gardens that make Wyuka Cemetery one of the most beautiful places in our state. Just don’t forget to check out our new baby swan on your next visit! 


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