May 15, 2021

Vitaly V. Solkan

Vitaly Vladimir Solkan was born on February 4, 1942 in Moldova, to Vladimir and Maria Solkan. Vitaly was the firstborn of four children. Vitaly had three sisters: Irina, Larisa, and Inna. Irina passed away as an infant, and Larisa and Inna currently live in Nebraska.

After graduating high school in Moldova, Vitaly went on to study at community college where he received a degree to work as a metal fabricator. In 1954, Vitaly and his family moved to Donbas, Ukraine, where he went on to work in the mine as a 16 year old. In 1960, VItaly was taken to serve in the Soviet Army for three years. After that, he went to work on an international fishing boat.

In 1967, Vitaly met his future wife, Nadezhda Marchenko, and in June 1967 they were married in the city of Kaliningrad, Russia. In 1968, Vitaly and Nadezhda moved to Moldova where Vitaly was originally from. There, they had their first two children: Yesfir and Maria. In 1972, Vitaly and his family moved to Narva, Estonia where they had five more children: Paul, Vera, Peter, Anzhela, and Vladimir.

In 1989, Vitaly and his family sought refuge in the United States, and permanently moved to Lincoln,
Nebraska where Nadezhda and many of their children still reside.

In 1992, Vitaly was diagnosed with colon cancer. During his illness, he continued to work and attend church services, disregarding the illness that was present for 28 years. Vitally enjoyed attending prayer groups and gathering with the fellow members. During the last several years of his life, he began losing mobility and had difficulty walking, but was never discouraged. Vitaly continued to live without grumbling, with a grateful attitude, and continued attending prayer groups, and serving faithfully at his church.

In January 2020, Vitaly became paralyzed from the waist down. In February, he was admitted to the hospital, where he remained until his last day. On May 9, 2021 he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where he passed away at 2:30 am, in the presence of his daughter, Anzhela.

Vitaly Solkan is survived by his wife, Nadezhda, as well as their seven children and their families: Yesfir and her son, Kareem; Maria, her husband Igor, their children Diana, her husband Connor, Kristina and Anna; Paul, his wife Natasha, their children Victoria, Daniel, and Kristina; Vera, her husband Dmitri, their children Joseph and Phillip; Peter, his children Justyce and Emily; Anzhela, Martrell Brown, their children Elijah, TatiYana, and Maloniya; Vladimir, and his daughter Sofia.

Funeral service will be held 11:00 A.M. May 17, 2021 at the Slavic Babtist Church, 3801 La Salle St, Lincoln.

Burial at Wyuka Cemetery 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY! GREAT EXAMPLE. Our condolences to the family


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