September 27, 2022

What’s new in Funeral Industry Trends? Green Burials!

Have you ever thought about your burial? A growing trend called a “green burial” is inspiring many to have a simple and natural funeral when their time comes. There are no fancy coffins or embellishments ˗ just you and nature. Not only is it a beautiful way to honor the end of life, but it’s also much kinder to the environment. 

If you want to know more about green burials and whether they’re for you and your loved ones, we’ve covered the basics for you. 

What Is a Green Burial?

There are many variations of a green burial, but they share some common environmentally friendly characteristics. The body isn’t cremated or preserved with embalming fluid. Instead, it’s enveloped in a biodegradable shroud or placed in a biodegradable coffin. And then it’s laid to rest in a designated area in the cemetery. 

There are usually no concrete grave markers left behind to conserve natural resources. It also allows for the reusing of plots. It might be hard to remember where a loved one’s exact burial spot is, but you can always enjoy the surrounding nature as you remember them fondly. 

Why Should You Consider a Green Burial?

Green burials aren’t a new concept. Most funerals were fashioned this way in the mid-19th century. They’ve recently regained popularity for several reasons. Here’s why you should consider a green burial, too:

No Use of Toxic Chemicals: The lack of an embalming process is one of the most significant benefits of green burials. Embalming fluid exposes funeral home workers to formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and respiratory irritant. 

It Conserves Natural Resources: Manufacturing traditional coffins require massive amounts of hardwood, steel, and copper. In addition, grave markers and vaults make use of considerable amounts of concrete. Green burials help conserve resources by using simple coffins and caskets. 

It Helps Nature Flourish: Green burial sites give back to nature by restoring and preserving it. The surrounding native trees and wildflowers can flourish without fertilizer or pesticides. Wildlife will also thrive in a chemical-free habitat like this. 

It’s Less Expensive: Traditional funerals with expensive coffins can be a financial burden to families. Green burials will save you thousands of dollars, especially if you choose to supply a biodegradable coffin or casket of your own. 

Types of Green Burial Caskets

Typically, wood or wicker is used to make green burial coffins and caskets. But cardboard, paper, and even bamboo are becoming popular materials, too. To save money, you can provide the green coffin yourself instead of purchasing one. It’s also an option to make a shroud if you have sewing skills or use a beloved wool or cotton blanket. All of these have little to no environmental impact. 

How to Plan for a Green Burial  

Planning is the best way to make sure you can carry out your loved one’s last wishes perfectly. Here are some steps to take for a smooth green burial.

Reflect on Your Goals for the Green Burial: Identifying your goals, whether it’s to save money or give back to the environment, will help shape your green burial plans. 

Select a Funeral Service Provider: Designate a funeral service provider you can trust, whether they’re a family member or a professional funeral home. A professional funeral services provider will be able to help you in more aspects of the planning. 

Select a Burial Place: Take your time on this one. After all, it will be your loved one’s final resting place. Make a shortlist of burial grounds and inquire if they can meet your requests. 

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Given the benefits of green burials for families and the environment, they’re worth considering over traditional practices. If you’d like to know more, you can email us or contact us at Wyuka Cemetery at (402) 474-3600.


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