January 18, 2022

Why you should pre-plan your funeral.

Pre-planning your funeral ahead of time has a lot of benefits. You’re in charge of how you will be remembered. Deciding how your funeral proceeds when you’re gone ensures a meaningful event for your loved ones. 

Regardless of your age and health, there are so many advantages to preparing for the future. It may seem difficult, overwhelming, or even awkward to think about. In retrospect, pre-planning can help you put more thought into your funeral. Here are some reasons that we think are great benefits when it comes to pre-planning a funeral.


Save money


When faced with an unexpected death in the family, grieving relatives might not think to compare funeral costs. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary spending and stress. By preparing in advance, you can choose who best suits your needs and you can compare funeral homes since they all differ in price. Headstones and caskets are often more expensive when purchased directly from funeral homes. You can shop around and take your time choosing the right ones at the right prices for you. 


By preparing for your funeral in advance, you will also be able to determine exactly how much it will cost and plan on how it will be paid. Many funeral homes offer discounts on pre-planning services. Over time, inflation will affect the prices of funeral costs. If you lock in the price of your funeral sooner, you won’t have to worry about the rising costs that are to come. 


Prevent stress


While grieving, the last thing you want your family to do is stress about funeral plans. This can negatively impact their health and can stall the grieving process. You can prevent any additional stress by pre-planning and getting everything in order for when you pass away.


Plan it your way


Most funerals are put together hastily within a week’s time. When you take the time to plan your funeral the way you want it, this allows for things to progress smoother and will be much more memorable. This also takes away any guesswork that they may be faced with. You get to choose every aspect of your final wishes. If you decide that you want to be cremated; you can make the arrangements beforehand and even decide what happens with your ashes. 


Prevent financial stress


Funerals are not cheap by any means. There are a lot of things that add up quickly when putting together a funeral. Casket costs, funeral home costs, burial plots, headstones, etc. Most families find themselves in debt after making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Even something as simple as creating a budget for your family to follow can ease their stress. This will remove a lot of excess stress and give them the time they need to focus on each other and their grief.


Funeral planning checklists are available


There are many online resources that can help you check off what all needs to be done when planning your funeral. While we do have our own checklist available, we have a few that we think would be a great benefit.


Funeral Basics – Download/View Checklist

Memorial Planning – Downloadable Checklist

LoveToKnow – Download/View Checklist


By creating a plan in advance, you’re ensuring that your final wishes will be met and you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones can grieve in their time of loss. If you are wanting to plan ahead, we are here every step of the way to help make it as easy as possible. Whether you want a traditional funeral, cremation, or memorial service, we are here to help. Our pre-planning advisors would love to sit down with you and create your unique, detailed plan. 



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