October 21, 2023

2023 Funeral Trends

Like most other industries, the funeral industry continues to evolve with the times. Most traditions and rituals of death and remembrance remain rooted in religious and cultural beliefs. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t change according to societal needs.

Funeral trends also tend to shift according to technological advances and global events. In 2023, funeral trends include the traditional to the somewhat unexpected:

Conventional Funerals

It’s not surprising that traditional funerals are still very popular in 2023. This is despite ongoing new trends. Most families still want to have a religious service, followed by a viewing and burial. Some also prefer a wake before a funeral service. However, some families have opted to put a twist on traditional funerals and include modern elements, such as AI.

Living Funerals

Living funerals are also in demand in 2023. A living funeral helps families celebrate a loved one’s life before they pass away. It also allows the person to enjoy their own eulogies and share memories with their family. Furthermore, it allows them to thank their family in person. The living funeral trend also helps encourage families to find closure after an inevitable death.

Virtual Funerals

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most families couldn’t attend funerals. This was a distressing time for everyone. The fact that people couldn’t say a final farewell to their deceased loved ones made the situation so much worse.

During this time, virtual funeral services became the next best option. Having an online funeral or live streaming funeral services meant families could participate even during the lockdown. This funeral trend continues in 2023 and is a testament to the massive role of technology in our modern era.

Green Burials

While not everyone may be on board with a green burial, it is a natural choice for some. Green burials represent the physical body’s return to nature. This trend is also very focused on leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Achieving this is possible by avoiding chemicals and embalming fluids and using biodegradable caskets.

Natural Burials

Natural burials are similar to green burials but take things one step further by cutting out the use of a wooden casket. The practice of a natural burial honors the belief that death is a natural process. It also highlights the belief that the body should return to the earth chemical-free.

Holistic Funeral Services

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always going to be incredibly difficult. For this reason, more funeral homes lean towards offering comprehensive packages in 2023. These packages include anything from funeral planning to post-funeral services. Some even give counseling, memorial site maintenance, and other services to make things easier for families.

There is a growing focus on mental well-being during funeral services. Some funeral homes include therapeutic elements in their packages for this reason.

Most holistic funeral services also include personalized funeral options instead of a one-offer-suits-all service. Families can now include the deceased’s favorite music and hobbies in their final farewell.

Interactive Memorials

An increasingly popular funeral trend in 2023 is interactive memorial services. Modern funerals tend to use technology to make memorial services more engaging. The interactive elements include setting up touchscreens where funeralgoers can view photos or videos of the deceased. They can also use these screens to leave messages of condolences for the family.

Religious and Cultural Services

Global societies continue to become more interconnected in 2023. Modern funeral services reflect this trend. Most funeral homes now offer packages that include both religious and cultural practices. These options help make funerals more inclusive.

The Bottom Line

The funeral trends of 2023 continue to provide new and innovative ways to find solace and celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. For more information on modern funeral trends, contact Wyuka Cemetery at (402) 474-3600.


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