September 12, 2023

Dr. Cheryl (Cheri) Lee Christensen

Cheri Lee Christensen, 67, of Lincoln, passed away September 11, 2023. She was born August 7, 1956, to Donald and Joann Christenson.

Cheri was a Doctor in Pharmacy for many years. She loved to garden, cook, take care of her pets, watch movies, and most importantly, love her family. She was a member of Pi Beta Phi at the University of Nebraska. Cheri was on the synchronized swim team all the way through high school at Lincoln East. As a Senior Title 9, opened competitive swimming to girls. She represented Lincoln East at the first state girls swim meet in Nebraska. She was also a member of the first Lincoln East dance team.

She is survived by children, Dain (Megan) Christensen, Caitlin Christensen, and Reid Christensen; grandchild, Lauren; and sister, Jean (Doug) Horner.

Cheri was preceded in death by her parents; and sister, Laurie Christenson.

Memorial Service: 10 AM, Saturday, September 16, 2023, at Wyuka Funeral Home, Lincoln.

Memorials may be donated to The Capital Humane Society.


  1. I worked with Cheri at Heartland Pharmacy many years ago & she was one of the best people to work with. Her humor, her wit, her intelligence & overall passion for her work was incredible. When she fell ill, I lost touch with her but thought of her often. Cheri, You will missed by many & loved by even more.

  2. I absolutely loved Cheri. She had such a kind and generous heart. I loved her optimistic attitude. Right after the stroke she and I were figuring out how she was going to work on getting her movement back so that she could drive a car and she could go back to work. I loved the “Cup half full” attitude she always had. Nothing seemed to stop her.

    She had a memory like a hawk. She remembered things about high school that I couldn’t remember if I tried. She always had a good story to tell.

    I hate that she had to endure the last part of her life the way that she did. The one thing that puts a smile on my face when thinking of her is that she is finally free. No more wheelchair, no more physical restrictions. I am sure if there is wine in heaven, she has tipped a glass and smiling each and every moment.

    One of my fond moments with your mom is when I would bring her a container full of homemade turtles candy that I made for her and her face would light up and she would eat almost everyone in less than 15 minutes.

    I will miss her, she was truly one of a kind. I loved your mother a lot.

  3. Cheri’s three children are amazing. I taught two of them to play the piano and it was a joy to give them lessons. Cheri was a great mom and her kids and pets loved her. So did I.

  4. Ever since I met Cheri at Heartland Pharmacy she had a special place in my heart.

    Not only was she an extremely dependable and hard working woman, she also took pride in what she did and always tried to do the right thing – regardless of how hard it was or if it was going against the grain.

    Working together as pharmacists is where I grew to respect this strong independent woman who deeply cared for her patients and family.

    I don’t think anyone will forget the day she didn’t show up on time for work. Since Cheri was predicable and punctual, her “pharmacy family” was determined to make sure she was ok when she was 10 minutes late for work.

    Fortunately we were able to notify her son to check on her and he who was able to get her quick medical attention.

    Even though she had went through a lot with medical and rehab journey, she was the same Cheri I knew as a pharmacist – extremely independent and determined.

    Despite her inability to return to work at Heartland Pharmacy we periodically would stay in touch.

    I didn’t realize until today, I missed her funeral – I would have loved to celebrate Cheri and her life with other family and friends.

    She is a special woman who I think of when I need to be a strong and independent! Thank you Cheri for that gift…see you in eternity!

    In honor of Cheri, remember to look out for the ones you know and work with – they may need your help and support…especially when they don’t ask for it, but you know “something isn’t right.”

    Trust your intuition and follow through with what you sense you “ought to do”…it could be life changing!


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