September 11, 2023

Richard “Rick” Snyder

Richard “Rick” Snyder passed away at the age of 65 on May 20, 2023, in Savannah, GA.
He was born on September 29, 1957.
Rick served as a Sergeant in the Army and was a Medical Specialist for 4 years while
enlisted. He received an Army Achievement Medal along with other ribbons and awards. He
served from 1983-1988 and is praised for his service.
Rick was a free spirited man that was so passionate about the love he had for his family
and friends. He showed nothing but love for his husband Bob and was a very thoughtful person.
His family was a major part of his life. He always cared about what his mother and siblings were
up to and even shared a love of Husker football with them. He was surrounded by a loving and
supporting family who had his back no matter what.
He is preceded in death by his beloved spouse, Bob Tollefson, his father, Wayne Snyder,
his brother, Thomas Snyder, and his niece, Kadyn Cowins.
Rick is survived by his mother, Patricia Snyder, his sisters, Pamela McClendon (Don
McClendon), Patty Lorenz (Dave Lorenz), Barb Cowins (Chris Cowins), and Kathy Harris
(Logan Harris). He is also survived by many nieces and nephews.
Rick was a kindhearted soul who could walk into any room and put a smile on
everyone’s faces. He will be missed dearly by his family and friends.


  1. Miss him dearly 😢 💔 being able to call each other and during hurricane season to check with each other as to where the hurricane was going or how it would affect us. So many more fond memories growing up.

  2. I will miss you, Ricky! Rest in peace, my friend, I will never forget you after 30 years.

  3. Rest in peace Uncle Rick. I Love You Dearly.

    ~Amy Snyder

  4. I’m so sad to hear this news. Rick stayed with us when he and Bob got married in NYC, and we spent a few Thanksgivings down in Savannah.

    Since Bob passed away, Ricky (“Nobody calls me Ricky,” he would say, “But you can because you got it from Bob”) and I would chat on the phone every month or two. I’ll miss these talks and his _very_ kindhearted soul. He did indeed put smiles on peoples faces.


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