January 18, 2022

Creative Funeral Service Ideas to Honor Your Loved Ones

It’s becoming increasingly popular to host funerals that stray from the norm. Funerals are becoming less frequent as the idea of a celebration of life takes hold of us. Rather than holding a traditional black and white event, more and more people are coming up with creative ideas to honor their loved ones’ lives.

Here are a few funeral service ideas that can create a wonderful, personalized event that will be remembered by all.


Emphasize life with seed cards

Living memorials are part of a growing trend towards honoring a loved one by emphasizing life, rather than death. Memorial seed packets are a great way to remember a lost loved one. They are a thoughtful funeral favor to hand out after a funeral or at a memorial service. Common seed choices are forget-me-nots. These flowers are a symbol of remembrance and are easy to maintain. Many companies make personalized seed cards and are easy to order.


Give the order of service booklet some color

Oftentimes order of service booklets are handed out at funerals. Noticeably they can be quite plain with a simple photograph on the front. These can be used to add a feeling of personalization to the funeral. There is so much you can do with these booklets such as a collage of photographs. Images of their favorite things, themes that surround their personality. Not only will this improve the look, but it will also serve as a wonderful keepsake for mourners to take home.


Create a memory board

You can create a collage of photographs for mourners to come together and reminisce about memories. You could even provide cards for guests to write on and add to the collage. Or you can request others to bring photos to add to the collection. They can leave images, messages, and even share their favorite things about the person who has passed. Afterward, the family can save this in a photo album as a keepsake.


Brighten up the event with color

Colorful funerals are becoming more popular and encourage guests to wear anything but black. Instead, colorful flowers and attire are requested to celebrate the life of the deceased and stray away from sad atmospheres. When arranging a colorful funeral, you can ask guests to wear any color of their choosing, or you can theme the funeral with the favorite color loved by the deceased.


In lieu of flowers

In lieu of flowers, you can request guests to donate to charities in honor of your loved one. Many places will accept donations in memory of the deceased. Say that they were passionate about a cause throughout their life. Making a donation in memory of them is a great way to recognize their commitment and generosity.

We found an article that answers a lot of questions regarding donations made in memory of a loved one.


Memorable Quotes and Sayings

Quotes are a great way to express your feelings during times of grief. During these times they assist in lifting us up when we are experiencing loss. Quotes often play a big part in funerals. They can give inspiration for a eulogy and can even help with the healing process. 

Here is a small list of great quote collections that we have found.



Create a living memorial with a tree

Planting a tree in honor of your loved ones’ memory is a beautiful way to give back to the environment while establishing a living memorial that you and your family can visit for generations to come. The planting of a tree can be the centerpiece of the funeral or it can be a celebration after the burial/ cremation takes place. You can even have an organization like this one plant a grove of trees in your loved one name. Or you can order a tree to plant in a place special to you. Tree planting provides a long-lasting tribute to remember your loved one.


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