March 5, 2022

Funeral Flowers & Their Meaning

Flowers are an incredibly common memorial brought to funerals and gravesites all over the world. Beautiful, comforting, and symbolic, flowers are a very important part of celebrating a life that has been lost. You may not think about what certain kinds or colors of flowers signify.  Gifting flowers at a funeral often helps with emotional release, as some people struggle to express their grief verbally. Sending flowers is an expression of respect, sympathy and love for the deceased. Choosing the right floral arrangement shows thoughtfulness as well as the type of relationship you had with the one who parted. There’s meaning behind the type and color of the flower you choose to send to a funeral or memorial service.  


Roses are a very common flower for funerals. They are a traditional symbol of love, with each color having a different meaning. If you’re looking for the right flower to convey your feelings, pay attention to what each color represents. Red – The ultimate favorite to express deep love and devotion. Red roses are often used in funerals of women or children. White – A symbol of remembrance, respect and purity. The white rose becomes a tribute to the one who has passed and relays comfort to mourners.  Yellow– Yellow roses are often given as a representation of friendship, devotion, and loyalty.  


The gladioli represents someone who is thought of as strong and full of character. It sends a message of upliftment and sincerity. The name is derived from the Latin word for “sword” and they can grow to be quite tall.   


The chrysanthemum, also known as mums, is featured in many traditional funerals around the world. Their meaning can vary depending on the culture. In some European countries, chrysanthemums are symbolic of death and can specifically be found at gravesites or funerals. In the United States they symbolize truth, innocence, and purity. They can help to promote a cheerful atmosphere.  


Widely used in sympathy arrangements, their fragrance and longevity are often a representation of a mother’s love. Commonly used for arrangements at mothers or grandmothers funerals. Red carnations invoke admiration and love. White carnations are symbolic of faithfulness, innocence, and purity. Pink carnations represent remembrance and gratitude.  


The most popular flower associated with funeral homes and services, lilies have a sense of peace to them. White lilies signify sympathy, purity, and innocence. They are a graceful and beautiful selection that you cannot go wrong with. 


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